Hello and welcome to Sew Sweet Violet, a family business run by Jooles and Briony, a mother and daughter team! We are located in West Sussex, UK.

All of the items in our shop are either designed and handmade by us, or curated by us, with love x 

Thank you so much for supporting our small family business, it really means the world and we do a happy dance every time we pack an order.

We only make and sell items that we truly love and hope that you love them too! 



I established this small business way back in 2010. I am a homebody at heart and I love nothing more than a whole day spent pootling away in my workroom creating beautiful things and drinking coffee (it has to be caffeine free though!)

I feel very lucky to have my own little shop, it has been a dream ever since I was a little girl and now it's my full-time job! 

I dabble in many crafts, but I particularly love knitting, quilting and English Paper Piecing.

You can find my knitting patterns (mostly socks!) on Ravelry and Etsy. You can also find my video journals on YouTube where I talk about the crafty side of my life.




After chatting about it for far too long and having business meetings in the greenhouse (!) I had a career change from being a consultant ecologist and joined SSV in July 2021. I love to be creative and have never ending WIP’s! My real love is hand sewing - embroidery, cross stitch and English Paper Piecing.



Mabel pup

Unfortunately she is rubbish at sewing and packaging so doesn't get near the merchandise! Instead she provides snuggles and giggles.



We are a smoke free home. 

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